(Story 56) Don't Hit The Ball Back
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(Story 56) Don't Hit The Ball Back


Do you play games,

physical, emotional or mental?


What do you do when you are in a situation

where there are constant arguments and

disagreements, which never seem to end?


Do you always have to have the

last word or do you let it go?


What can you do when someone is

constantly “pressing your buttons” in an

inappropriate or unacceptable manner,

by making comments which they

know you will respond to?


What can you do when someone is

constantly “pressing your buttons” by

continually picking arguments with you over

what are seemingly minor issues?


What can you do when someone is constantly

criticising you or the work you do, criticising your

family, friends, morals, belief system or ethics?


See this ongoing scenario like

a game of tennis.

How do you stop playing a game

that you do not like?


How do you stop this game playing?


The answer is simple – Don’t hit the ball back!


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  • Thomas L. Wexford Town, Ireland
    Thank you John & Patricia. I am so pleased I took the GDV health scan. It provided the information which has allowed me to get my health back on track. I knew something was wrong for a long time but had tried everything to get some answers. The scan gave me the information on my health I required with so much detail. Coupled with the advice from you and Patricia which I have taken on board I now feel so full of energy and vitality, there’s no going back now. Thank you again. T.

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