Bio Energy Therapist Course

For Only €1,200.. You can become a Professional Bio Energy Therapist. Fully Accredited. Learn powerful, effective and unique Bio Energy Healing Techniques. Complete Course – 7 modules in 3 weekends in Feb, Mar, & April 2017. 10% discount if fully paid in advance.
  • How We Become Sick / How To Stay Well Alternative healing is one of the most natural ways to help combat illness and disease.
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Bio Energy Courses

Become a Bio Energy Healing Therapist
Bio Energy Course - Oisin Centre Of Natural Healing in Mullingar, Ireland

This is a great opportunity to learn these powerfully effective and unique healing techniques. They can be used for self healing, and for use with family and friends. You could complete all three levels during three weekends (6 weeks apart). After submission of 10 case studies and successfully completing our practical exam, you can receive a DIPLOMA IN OISIN BIOENERGY. This will enable you to start your own business
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Private Therapy Sessions

Book a Session Today.. Professional, Discrete, Powerful.
Private Therapy Sessions - Oisin Centre Of Natural Healing in Mullingar, Ireland

You can avail of Private sessions of Oisin BioEnergy to help you recover from a multitude of various illnesses and diseases. Physical problems causing pain or discomfort or affecting the Cardiovascular, Digestive or Respiratory systems. Emotional problems such as insomnia, anxiety, depression, panic attacks or stress. Oisin Bioenergy Therapy is a simple, effective and unique healing modality. It is safe, non invasive and pain free.
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BIO Energy Advantages

Advantages of training with Oisin School of Bio Energy.
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Trainees will be trained by the founders established since 1990. On-going after course support for trainee therapists. Advice on setting up and promoting your own business. Training manuals provided free Free listing on the Oisin School of Bio Energy Healing website. Oisin School of Bio Energy Training Course Accredited with C.M.A. Full practitioner and public liability insurance can be applied for on receipt of Diploma in Oisin Bio Energy.
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How Does Bio Energy Healing Work?

Oisin BioEnergy Healing / Therapy is a standalone therapy but it can also be used in conjunction with other modalities such as Massage, Counseling, Reflexology, and other body centered techniques. Because there is no need for a therapy table, or a large amount of space, it can be used anywhere or anytime for many diseases and illnesses. It can be effective and beneficial for physical problems, pain, discomfort, digestive or respiratory concerns and for emotional problems such as anxiety, stress, panic attacks or depression.

Learn More About Healing
“Research studies have shown that persistant and ongoing stress can be a major factor in 95% of all disease. Stress can greatly affect your quality of life. causing Headaches, Pain, Digestive Problems, Irritability, Insomnia and much more

Meet Our Team

John Donohoe - Dip. Domancic Method Bioenergy, Dip. Vibrational Medicine, Dip.Aura Cleansing / Bio-energy
John Donohoe Senior Practitioner.
Patricia Hesnan - R.M.N. Cert in DTM. Cert in B.C.S.
Patricia Hesnan Senior Practitioner.
At our clinic we offer professional alternative healing therapies and advice on health issues. Our clients are given personal, professional discreet service.

Many therapies are available including Bio-Energy which can help treat, harmonize and heal the physical and emotional body, allowing Body, Mind and Spirit to function in a balanced and harmonious manner.

Our aim is to look at your individual situation and look at the various options available to you. We can then help you to decide the best course of action for your particular health concern. Learn More About Oisin Healing Centre