(Story 8) The Shoes
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(Story 8) The Shoes


In this story relationships are

likened to a pair of shoes.


Think about your current relationship and

take some time to reflect upon the

following questions:


Are you happy in your relationship?

Is there anything troubling you

about your relationship?

Do you find your relationship comfortable

or downright painful?


In this story you are being invited to consider

a relationship in quite a different and novel way.


The relationship is likened to a pair of shoes,

and you are being asked to ascertain how

comfortable these shoes are to wear.


In essence you are being invited to weigh up

your relationship and to consider how

content or otherwise you may be feeling.


Let us suppose you have a pair of shoes and

you are experiencing some discomfort in them.


The first option to consider is that the

problem may simply be something minor

and may easily be rectified.


It may however be something major, which

neither you nor the master shoemaker

namely the Divine Power, can

repair at this point in time.


If your shoes are uncomfortable you may

miss out on a lot of joy and a lot of

learning opportunities, which you

could otherwise avail of on

your journey through life.


What can you do about those shoes

at this point in time?


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