(Story 50) The Well
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(Story 50) The Well


Story 50. The Well




The well is symbolic of the Self. The water in the well symbolises all you have in life.


Have you checked up on your life’s resources recently?


How are you feeling today?


Do you feel full of life?


Do you feel full of energy?


Are you bursting at the seams and overflowing with all you have to give?


Are you overflowing with love, joy and abundance, or do you have little or nothing more left for yourself or anyone else?




Each and every one of us has our own supply of life’s resources. This could be likened to a well, the fountain of life or the spring of life.


Have you looked into your well recently? (Looked at your life, your way of being)?


How much water is in your well? Is it almost drained dry, practically empty? (Do you feel your health or your life is being drained away)?


How clean is the water in your well? Is it sparkling, healthy and free flowing, going with the flow of life or is it dull, polluted and stagnant? (Is your physical body free from toxins and pollutants)?


Is your emotional body free from emotional and mental baggage?


When you look in your well is the water clear? (Can you look at yourself and see clearly what is going on within)?


Do you feel you have enough water left for the remainder of your journey “your life?” (Is your well overflowing with plenty of life’s resources; love, happiness, joy, good food etc.)?


Have you been living your life to its full potential, or has your well dried up from lack of use? Have you been relying on others for your supply of life’s resources (health, happiness, fun, joy etc.)?


Has your well clogged up because you have allowed others to dump their rubbish in it (emotional, physical and mental rubbish)? Have you been allowing the dumping of rubbish on your being, (blocking your life’s resources)? Have you yourself been dumping rubbish in your well (poor diet, little exercise)? Has this dumping caused you ill health?


Are you down to a trickle of water, barely enough for you to survive? (Are you just about coping with life)? Are you allowing other people to take water from your well without your prior permission? Did you explain to them that it was necessary to ask you first if they wanted water from your well?


Have you encouraged others to find their own tools for their survival (activate their own wells), or did you do it for them, not allowing them to learn for themselves? Have you given water (time, money etc.) to people who had no regard for where it came from and so discarded it indiscriminately (no value on you or your resources)?


Have you kept your well serviced and in a good state of repair. Have you kept your body, mind and spirit healthy? Does it sometimes make you feel good when others depend on you for their very existence, even at a cost to you and your health?


Only when you learn to activate your own well and keep it clean and topped up, can you help others to do the same. You cannot take anyone where you haven’t been.


What can you do now?


You can become more aware and say “no” when you realise rubbish is being dumped in your well. You can learn to create stronger boundaries around your well to prevent any more rubbish being dumped in it. You may need to do this before it blocks your well completely.


You can become more aware of how, when and by whom your well is being drained. You can learn to check your well on a regular basis (by getting regular health checks). You can learn not to give away water indiscriminately. You can learn it is not your responsibility to satisfy the needs of others. You can learn you do not need to be thirsty (ill) before checking your supply of water (your health).


You can learn it is only when your own well is full or overflowing, that you can really afford to give water away and then only to someone who needs it to survive until they can activate their own supply of water. (Until they can find the resources they need to survive on their own).


It is never too late to check your well (It is never too late to check your life’s resources).


Today ask your guides, your God, your angels to help you lift the lid on your well (your life).


Take a peek inside do not be afraid.


Everything you need to activate and clean out your well, if needed, is available to you for the asking.


With your new awareness you will be able to make any necessary changes. Awareness does not go away, it brings freedom – freedom of choice and freedom to be.






I will check my life’s resources.


I will not be afraid to say “no” to those who are dumping their rubbish in my well.


I will create and maintain strong boundaries to protect my resources.


I will not give away water indiscriminately.


I will allow and encourage others to activate their own life’s resources.


I will take care of and cherish the resources that have been given to me for my life.


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