(Story 19) The Golden Nugget
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(Story 19) The Golden Nugget


The gold nugget is the core you,

the perfect you.


Imagine a very dark, deep and murky pond.


There may be very little life in this pond.

It may feel for you that life has become

stagnant, with very little movement.


You may feel that you are unable

to move on with your life.


It may look as if there has been very little

life in this pond for many years.


But there is something amazing

at the bottom of this pond

(something amazing within you).


It is covered in dirt, weeds etc.,

but it is still perfect.


It is still as perfect as the day

it was buried there.


Here is buried a solid gold nugget.


This is the core you.

That perfect being in this dark

pond submerged in life.


You may not be able to see your way out.


You may feel fear at the depths you may have

to travel to find that core you, – the you who

became buried and lost many years ago.


All the mud that surrounds you is all the pain,

hurts and rejections that life has hurled at you.


You are still perfect.


It is that which surrounds you that

has caused you and others to be

blinded to your core being


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