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For Only €97.00- Energy Healing ONLINE DIPLOMA COURSE If you are unavailable to attend our live course you may consider our online course from the comfort of your own home.  Over 50 videos demonstrating all techniques & applications - Was €375.00
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Level 2: (Module 3&4) Oisin BioEnergy training course content

Train as an energy healer! No previous experience required.
Everyone can learn these simple healing techniques.
Level 2 course 10th & 11th March 2018” (Module 3 & 4).
  • Learn about Chakra imbalances and their association with physical illness.
  • Understanding, clearing and working with the 7 main energy chakras or energy points in the body at a physical, emotional and mental level. (On the level one course each trainee will have already received a free cd; “Understanding The Chakras”).
  • Explaining and demonstrating how releasing facial restrictions in the area of an injury or site of pain can have an effect on areas of the body, remote from the injured or damaged area.
  • How to apply “Distant /Absent Healing” This is particularly useful if a client is living some distance away. (Trainees are requested to bring along a head and shoulder photo of themselves for use with this section).
  • Psychokinesis: Learning how to move energy.    This involves learning the technique of “Bending” and “Moving” another person at a distance without touching them, purely by using the power of your mind, and the energy field of your hands and body.
  • Learn how to apply Bio Energy to animals that may be sick or unwell including horses, dogs, birds, cats etc.
  • Learn how to apply Bio Energy techniques for babies and young children. 
  • Explaining Peer Counseling Techniques for use during therapy sessions.
  • Demonstrating Somatic exercises which can decompress and relax tight muscles in the lumbar area, which in turn can release trapped nerves which may be affecting specific organs in the body.                            .

Dates for Oisin BioEnergy training course:

Level One:             3rd &  4th     February 2018

Level Two:           10th & 11th     March 2018

Level Three:         21st & 22nd    April 2018

The complete BioEnergy Training Course comprises of 3 levels. (Three weekends).

Each level costs €400. Total price for course €1,200

10% discount applies if full course is paid for in advance anytime up to and including Saturday 9th September.

Book a place on this fully accredited training course by contacting us on 0879661371 / 0874132474 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Download application form from front page of this website. Free course pack plus application form can be posted to you by request.

  • The complete 3 Part Oisin BioEnergy Diploma Training Course of three levels takes place over 3 weekends. (Sat & Sun) 5 to 6 weeks apart.
  • The levels / weekends are at least 5-6 weeks apart to allow the trainee time to practice what they have learned in preparation for the next level.
  • The final practical exam takes place on level three weekend. The written exam (Module 7) comprises 10 case studies which can be submitted at any time following completion of level three. (The course facilitators will supply 20 typical case studies and the trainee submits 10 from this list to the Oisin School of Bioenergy.
  • Trainees can if they wish attend one level during a course (for example early in the year) and attend another level on a course later in the year.
  • Times are 9-6 each day.
  • Venue: The Greville Arms Hotel, Mullingar, Co Westmeath, Ireland
  • Trainees must be at least 18 years of age, and provide proof of identity to partake in the trainings.
  • Facilitators: Original founders John Donohoe and Patricia Hesnan assisted by two more Oisin BioEnergy qualified facilitators.   
  • For detailed information on each Level of Oisin BioEnergy Training Course, please go to "TRAININGS " on top of front page of website.

Footnote: Once any level is complete you can attend a repeat of that level for free at any time providing spaces are available and 30 days notice is given.

Oisin Bio Energy is not a substitute for any prescribed medical treatments or medications, or other medical or scientific diagnosis by health care professionals. It is important that therapists / practitioners advise their clients to seek consultation with a medical or health care professional prior to any therapy. Also please read our DISCLAIMER.

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  • Veronica F. Limerick, Ireland
    Your Oisin bioenergy training course was just amazing! All the facilitators were so sharing with appropriate information throughout the weekend. I have learned so much. I know I am on the right path now. Thank you so much

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