(Story 9) Enabling
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(Story 9) Enabling


Are you a helper or are you an enabler?


Helpers help people to help and heal themselves.


Enablers create and allow situations where people

can behave and live in an irresponsible manner.


Are you or have you been an enabler?

Are you tired and fed up?


Are you feeling that you are or have been,

taken for granted by family and friends?


Do you sometimes feel that the more you do for

people, the more they expect from you?


Do you find that family and friends regularly

rely on you to sort out their domestic, emotional

and financial problems?


The first thing you need to learn is to say “no.”

This can be difficult. You may have a lifetime

of not being able to say “no.”


The next thing you can learn,

is to see the difference between

enabling and helping?


Stop and ask yourself,

“Am I helping someone,

or enabling someone?


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