(Story 77) Karma
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(Story 77) Karma

“Karma” can otherwise be called

“Cause and Effect.”


Cause and effect is in operation

throughout the universe.

In other words every

action creates a reaction.


Everything you have said or done in the past

is affecting you now, and what you do, say

or think now, is shaping your future.


When you pass once again into spirit

you are given an opportunity to

“look back” on your past life.


You can then determine what you may have

learned from that particular life and what

you may still need to learn.


You will see how you lived your life and once

again see the affect your deeds and actions

(good and bad) have had on others and yourself.


If you so choose, your next earth life will include

learnings, which you may need for your

expanding awareness and evolvement.


You can determine what sort of earth-life

you would like to experience, and

would best fulfil your needs.


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