(Story 72) Awareness
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(Story 72) Awareness


Story 72. Awareness




You reach a new level of awareness:


When you “waken up” to life around you.


When you “open your eyes” and understand love and respect those around you.


When you see nature at work with all its awe-inspiring beauty.


When you see the world as one infinite mass of ever changing, interconnected energy of which you are an integral part.


When you accept and respect every human being, every bird, fish and animal in the whole spectrum of life.


When you appreciate the land, water, air, mineral and plant kingdom and how important a role they play in your world.


When you recognise how to create harmony in your life, the environment and your world.


When you learn to heal your own physical, emotional and spiritual bodies.


When you learn how to “tune in” with the flow of life and consciously connect with “All That Is” with unconditional love.


Today ask yourself: How aware am I?


Am I aware of my feelings and how I feel towards others?


Am I aware of my own state of well-being?




Awareness is working in the light.


Lack of awareness is working in the dark.


In a very simple example, let us assume that you cannot find the switch for a light in a room. If you are shown where the switch is, you are now aware of where the switch is. This is an awareness, which you did not have, prior to being shown where the switch was.


You may be unaware of how your behaviour may be affecting another person, persons or situation, but when you are made aware of how your behaviour may be affecting this person, persons or situation, you can never again deny your awareness.


You now must take full responsibility for your behaviour and the consequences of this behaviour.




Today ask your God, your guides, your angels:


To bring you awareness for whatever it is you need.


Show you direction where you may have gone astray.


Support you in times of need.


Lift you up when you are down.


Show you light where there is darkness


Help you to recognise and become aware of the needs of others.





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