(Story 7) Denial
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(Story 7) Denial


Where there is denial there can be no learnings.


A person in denial chooses to believe, that

their behavior has no bearing on

the issues that surround them.


They can convince themselves, that their

behavior is not responsible for their problems

regarding their physical, emotional

or mental health.


They may convince themselves, that their

behavior is not responsible for

their financial problems.


They may deny all responsibility for how their

behavior has affected or is affecting

other people’s lives.


The person in denial does not take

responsibility for his behavior or the

consequences of his behavior.


He can deny and truly convince himself that

he was not even present, on the days that

those events took place, let alone

have participated in them.


How do you know if you are in denial

or if someone you know is in denial?


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  • Dorothy W. Dundalk
    A big thank you John and Patricia for a great course. I learned so much about myself and what I am capable of. I had never done anything like this before, and its hard to believe that I am setting up my own Bioenergy Healing Clinic as we speak.

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