(Story 68) Boundaries
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(Story 68) Boundaries


Do you feel you have a problem with boundaries?


Boundaries are visible and invisible lines that we

erect to create limits on ourselves,to prevent us

going beyond a certain border or distance.


We also create these boundaries,

to prevent others crossing a certain

limit into our territory.


If you erect boundaries one day and

remove them the next day, this can be

very confusing for those around you.


You may become very angry or annoyed when

someone crosses your boundaries, but, if you do

not create boundaries that are clear, concise,

and strong, how do you expect others

to recognise and respect them?



There are many different types of boundaries:

Physical. Emotional, Mental and Sexual boundaries.

Physical Boundaries: (Our physical territory)

Emotional Boundaries:

Sexual Boundaries:

Open-ended boundaries:

Weak boundaries:

Flexible boundaries:

Invisible boundaries:

Low boundaries:

Strict boundaries:


Today, ask yourself if your boundaries

have been broken,or if you have

broken the boundaries of others?


To understand more on boundaries...


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  • Dorothy W. Dundalk
    A big thank you John and Patricia for a great course. I learned so much about myself and what I am capable of. I had never done anything like this before, and its hard to believe that I am setting up my own Bioenergy Healing Clinic as we speak.

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