(Story 63) Fear Of Letting Go
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(Story 63) Fear Of Letting Go


Do you have a fear of letting go?


Does someone you know

have a fear of letting go?


Fear of letting go can control you

and those around you.


Letting go allows you to

move on to newer pastures.


Letting go allows you to have new

learnings and travel on new journeys.


Letting go gives you freedom.


Letting go of control, – allows others to

have their freedom and their learnings.


Letting go of conditioning, – allows for change.


Letting go of relationships,

– allows both people to move on.


Letting go of a child when they have reached

adulthood, – allows them their learnings.


Letting go of a job, – allows

ourselves and others to move on.


Letting go of goods, books, clothes, etc,

dealing with your rubbish in an environmentally

friendly manner, – helps to save the planet

and stops waste and stagnation.


It is very easy for the conscious

mind to say, "let go."

You can tell someone there is no problem

letting go, but it is like telling a man to

"let go"when he is hanging from a

cliff edge by his fingertips.


How can you understand and

break the fear of letting go?


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