(Story 51) Responsibility
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(Story 51) Responsibility


Do you feel laden down and

overburdened with responsibility?


Do you feel life itself is a burden for you?


Do you feel that you have been taking

responsibility for other people and now it

has become too much for you?


Do you realise you are not responsible

for anyone but yourself?


You are responsible for everything you say

and do, but you are not responsible

for another person’s reaction.


Are you taking responsibility for someone or

something, that is not your responsibility?


How can you change this behaviour?


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  • Y. Delamare, Sweden
    What a wonderful Bioenergy Healing Training Course. By far the best training course I have ever completed. And the other trainees that attended were so nice. I have learned so much over the three weekends not just about helping to heal others but also how the information you shared has helped me personally in my life. The course was transformational for me and I am on a new personal journey now

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