(Story 4) The Bucket
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(Story 4) The Bucket



The bucket is what holds your life’s resources.


It is also you.




Are you feeling that your “get up and go” is gone?


And if not gone completely, you may be feeling


that it is being depleted in some way.




You may not know the cause or the reason why.


You may have some queries about your overall


health and general well-being.




If you can find the cause,


you are halfway to the cure.




What is the cause if any, of


your depleted resources?




How many of us have almost completed our


journey without taking time out to check


our bucket (our supply of life’s resources)?




Is YOUR bucket full, half full, or empty?





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  • B Mangan. Newry. N Ireland
    Thank you John and Patricia for your enthusiastic and clear approach to teaching your wonderful Oisin Bioenergy Course. I learned so much more than I ever thought possible from one course. You didn’t hold back. Thank you for your sharing, Love and Joy

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