(Story 37) A Void In Your Life
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(Story 37) A Void In Your Life


Do you ever feel you look beautiful on the outside,

but you are crumbling apart on the inside?


Imagine your body is like a house.


A house, in order to resist the forces

of nature, needs to be built

on good solid ground.

Did you have a good solid grounding

from the time of your birth?


A house needs a good solid foundation to

withstand the rigours of life.

Did you have a good solid foundation

(a solid belief system) to start you off in life?


Did you have a good solid support system

within your family, especially in the early years?

What happens when you discover

your walls are a bit shaky?


What happens when you discover

cracks in the walls?

Do you cover up the cracks with nice

wallpaper, every time a crack appears?


Conditioning may have been a factor

in preventing you from making

these changes up until now.


How can you change this conditioning and

discard old patterns of behaviour?


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    A big thank you to John & Patricia and all your facilitators for the best course I have ever experienced me and I am speaking from experience having done many courses. You shared so much knowledge and most importantly – NO EGOS. Your humility, sharing, knowledge and friendliness really impressed me.

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