(Story 30) Pain
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(Story 30) Pain


Do you feel pain

(Physical, emotional or mental)?


If you are feeling pain, physical, emotional or

mental, it may be time to look at the cause.


Pain is the body’s warning system

that something is wrong.


Feelings of pain can be blocked out

from past life traumas, early childhood

and present day traumas.


Where there is severe shock or trauma,

we shut down in order to heal.


Painful memories of an incident can be

stuck in the subconscious mind.

The memories can be triggered

when a similar incident occurs.


Emotional, mental and physical trauma is

best dealt with as and when it happens.


The question now is, where or when did

this pain begin, and what can

you do about it now?


...Read on... to learn the real secrets to dealing with situations and issues. Find the answers that can bring happiness, joy and harmony into your everyday life! ---------------------------------------------

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  • Sheila F. Galway Ireland
    I can only say one thing – utterly amazing. I thought I understood about energy healing, until you guys started to present your bioenergy healing course. You wee thorough and dedicated, and I really admired how you had time to answer everybody’s questions with clear concise and knowledgable answers.

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