(Story 22) Overwhelm
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(Story 22) Overwhelm


Is everything and everyone just too

much for you at the moment?


Are you in overwhelm?


Is someone you know in overwhelm

or overflow?


Are you unable to take any more?


Is everything too much

– even the good things in life?


The symbol of the cup is

symbolic of your body.

The symbol of the bin is also

symbolic of your body.


Overwhelm is too much of

anything, good or bad.


When a cup is overflowing it does not

matter what caused it to overflow,

whether it is good or bad.


When it is full to capacity the slightest

drop over and above will cause

it to overflow.


Your body is similar to that cup.


Like the cup, if the physical body has too

much food, good or bad, it will overflow.


If your emotional body has too much to cope

with it, it will overflow or go into overwhelm.


How can you now make changes in your life?

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  • H. Donnelly, Donegal, Ireland
    That Bioenergy Course was nothing short of fabulous. Everybody sharing, learning, interacting. It was so practical and simple to learn all the techniques. Since I qualified and received my Diploma in Oisin Bioenergy Healing I have set up my own practice and I must say it is flying. I now have lots of satisfied clients and I have been applying your protocols and applications with great success.. My thanks to John & Patricia and all your staff once again.

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