(Story 20) Impatience
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(Story 20) Impatience


Do you have a sense of impatience with

yourself, with other people or with life itself?


Have you felt life has been impatient with you?


Have you felt others have been impatient

or intolerant with you and your

journey through life?


Are you like the tiny bird that is now afraid

to fly because of someone

else’s impatience?


Has your impatience damaged someone else

and inhibited their growth and

their ability to fly?


Have you been impatient with your children?

Have you wished they would

grow and mature faster?


Have you tried to pressurise and push them

through each stage of their education

and development?


Are you impatient with your partner,

other family members, employees,

friends or work colleagues?


Have you been impatient with others

on their journey?


Have you been impatient with yourself

on your journey?


If you have you been impatient

or affected by impatience...


...Read on... to learn the real secrets to dealing with situations and issues. Find the answers that can bring happiness, joy and harmony into your everyday life! ---------------------------------------------

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Recent Testimonial

  • Barbara D. Bremen, Germany
    Your Bioenergy Healing course was just amazing. You shared so much more than I was expecting. I really learned a lot from your section on self healing and self empowerment and have been using these techniques every day with great success. Can’t thank you enough.

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