(Story 16) Control
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(Story 16) Control


Are you a controller?

Are you allowing yourself to be controlled?


Control is a word used regularly in today’s

society e.g. “She / He is a control freak.”


What exactly does this mean? It means that

anyone who tries to control another person

for their own gain is a controller.


Controllers are not always consciously

aware of their need to control or how,

or why, their controlling tactics work.


When a controller feels he/she is controlling

a situation they may feel that they are

safe and more secure.


Controllers are constantly trying to maintain

control over one situation or another,

or one person or another.


Are you a controller, or do you know someone

who is a controller, or who tries to be a controller?


There are many different types of controllers.


There are many different tactics, which may

be used as a means to control others.


Controlling through guilt.

Controlling through fear.

Controlling through silence.

Controlling by being nice.

Controlling by aggression.

Controlling by lying.

Controlling through arrogance.

Controlling by manipulation.


To find out how these controlling

tactics work...


...Read on... to learn the real secrets to dealing with situations and issues. Find the answers that can bring happiness, joy and harmony into your everyday life! ---------------------------------------------

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