(Story 15) Panic Attacks
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(Story 15) Panic Attacks


Do you feel there are times when you are

unable to cope with what is happening

in your life, not even for

one more minute?


Are there times when you also feel even the

good things that are happening for you

are too much for you to cope with?


Do you feel your pulse is constantly racing,

your heart is pounding and you have

difficulty in breathing properly?


Your life, which appeared to be going at a

nice steady pace, may now appear to have

speeded up considerably.


You may feel you are out of control of your life.


Do you sometimes feel a sense of panic

without any known cause, at least not

any cause you can identify with?


If you can relate to any of these

feelings, it is time to stop.


Stop and find out what is

causing these feelings.


...Read on... to learn the real secrets to dealing with situations and issues. Find the answers that can bring happiness, joy and harmony into your everyday life! ---------------------------------------------

These are only small excerpts from one of the 80 channelled stories in this best selling book.

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  • Annette S. Clare, Ireland
    Hi John and Patricia. I would like to thank you both for a wonderful weekend. I found your bioenergy course very informative and enjoyable. I am very excited about completing all three levels. My compliments to you both on your wonderful course, so much information, well presented, and on sharing so much with us. Thank you

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