Qualified Bio Energy Healing Therapist
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Train As a Qualified Bio Energy Healing Therapist

Train As a Qualified Bio Energy Healing Therapist

Our BioEnergy healing training course will give you the tools to bring your health back into your own control and to help others, when you learn these highly effective energy healing techniques, Our Fully Accredited Diploma Training Course, allows you to train as a Professional BioEnergy Practitioner. Excellent career opportunity.

Level One Training Course (Module 1&2) 3rd & 4th February 2018,  is designed to help heal yourself, and use bioenergy in your own home to treat family and friends and help them to achieve inner peace and good health.

Level Two Training Course (Module 3&4)  10th & 11th March, is an advanced continuation of Level One and covers beneficial protocols and applications for up to 100 diseases, more serious health conditions. Also learn the secrets of psychokinesis.

Level Three Training Course (Module 5&6) 21st & 22nd April 2018,  integrates protocols and techniques from level one and level two and includes a practical exam. It includes sound healing, seeing auras, dowsing for health, setting up your professional practice and much more.

Module 7 – EXAMS – Submission of ten written case studies

A Certificate is issued on level one and level two.
Having completed level three and prior to issuing a Diploma: In order to ensure that the standards that are set by both The C.M.A. and The Oisin School of BioEnergy Healing Training, the course facilitators need to be satisfied that all trainees have a full and comprehensive knowledge of the protocols and treatments as outlined in the training manuals and are capable of applying same as a standalone therapy or to use as an addition to other modalities. This involves the practical and written section of the course Module 7 – exams.

Every assistance necessary is given to each individual trainee during this section, providing them with consultation forms, written examples, advice and guidance on how to prepare and submit their ten case studies. The practical side of the exams will not be on an individual one to one basis but rather an overall group interaction to help each person “fine tune” their knowledge and practical skills with all the protocols and applications

Any of the three levels of this BioEnergy healing training course can be repeated free of charge during any of our subsequent trainings, providing one months notice is given and places are available.       

Recent Testimonial

  • K. Farrelly
    The best course I have ever been on, and I mean it sincerely. I have done other courses, but this one was so streamlined, professional and well executed. Each facilitator shared their knowledge so eagerly and passionately. Furthermore I enjoyed every minute of it. The time seemed to go so fast. I’ve got my diploma now so I’m setting up my business as soon as I can.

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