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Healing Stone CD (P&P Inc)

The Healing Stone Music CD - This channeled music and visualisation cd has been specially produced to help you heal yourself and others. This channeled music and visualisation cd has been specially produced to help you heal yourself and others.

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The Healing Stone Music CD


This channeled music and visualisation cd has been specially produced to help you heal yourself and others. A picture of The Healing Stone is enclosed and is programmed to transmit healing energy from the healing stone to you. (This works similar to Radionics)

Healing Stone resonance, vibrating at an earth frequency, and the music which is slower in tempo than the normal heart beat are synchronised to work at a subtle level on the intrinsic data fields which surround the body.

It will help you to relax and heal as you are guided by spoken imagery and visualisations through the various stages of healing in conjuction with the body's own natural inner healing.

How the cd is used:

For someone who is Physically, Emotionally, or Mentally unwell, place the enclosed picture on or beneath them.
As music plays have them repeat the affirmations on the cd.
These affirmations can be a powerful stimulus for the body's natural healing process.

What it can be used for:

This cd can be beneficial in the treatment of many illnesses physical or emotional.
For Insomnia: This music can be effectivefor both adults and children prior to bedtime or whilst in bed.

Use the picture plus the cd.

For Therapists: Use the picture plus the cd, track 2.
For women during pregnancy to relax Mother and Baby Use the picture plus the cd.
For Children who are anxious, distressed or unwell: Use the picture plus the cd.

This cd can also be used:

  • To reduce or negate Geopathic Stress.
  • To heal an area where a tragedy has taken place.
  • To help Restless Spirits to move on.
  • For protection against Negativity.
  • To relax Students prior to exams.
  • To help heal animals who are distressed or unwell.
  • To heal a home or workplace.
  • For disorders such as; A.D.D. (Attention Deficit Disorder), Autism etc.

These are only some of the many use which this healing programme can be applied The special tunings, melodies, notes, and arrangements in this music have been guided and channeled from a place of origin on a higher vibrational levelthrough the healing standing stone (seen pictured on the cd cover).

This special music works on a similar principal to vibrational medicine in that it connects at the etheric level with the user via the programmed picture (enclosed with cd). Full instructions for using this cd healing programme are enclosed with the Healing Stone CD.

Important: This cd or any other cd available from our site is not recommended for use while driving or operating machinery of any kind. Composed and written by John Dee Donohoe & Patricia Hesnan (c) & (p) 1990 / 2010 (IMRO registered)

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