Frequently Asked Questions

Who can learn Oisin Bio-Energy Healing Therapy?
Anyone can learn the simple hand positions which are used in Oisin Bio-Energy. These hand techniques are  taught during our training courses to anyone over 18 years of age. Family members, therapists or practitioners of other modalities can also learn and use these techniques. Persons working with animals can also use these simple and effective techniques for healing purposes.

What are Bio-Energy protocols?
These are hand positions and techniques which form the basis for treatments for various health concerns.

Do you have to “believe” in the therapy for it to work?
No, it is just as effective whether you believe or not. It works on the scientifically validated energy field, and is based on the law of physics, and electromagnetic fields.

Does the therapist use his/her own energy during treatment?
No the therapist acts as a conduit or channel for universal energy to flow through them to the client.

Can Oisin Bio-Energy be used with children?
Yes, children of all ages can be treated with bioenergy.

In what way is Oisin Bio-energy different from other healing methods?
There are very defined and structured protocols for each ailment. There are specific hand positions the therapist uses for working on different parts of the body.

There are specific protocols for the treatment of different organs. During the training sessions all therapists systematically follow a well illustrated training manual. As a result all Oisin Bio-Energy Therapists learn precise protocols in synchronicity and all follow the same procedure when working with clients/patients. In this way there is uniformity and consistency during a treatment session.

Are there any special techniques used in conjunction with the treatments?
Yes, intent and especially focus is very important. There are also breathing exercises which are recommended for use by the client which helps them to relax more during a healing session.

Can Oisin Bio-Energy be used during the course of pregnancy?
Yes it can, and can benefit not just the mother, but also the unborn baby.

Is it necessary to have any prior experience or knowledge to learn about Oisin Bio-Energy healing?
No prior experience is necessary to learn Oisin Bio-energy. During our training courses the manual which is supplied has all the necessary information, illustrations, diagrams , protocols, techniques and applications. However a basic understanding of anatomy and physiology is helpful to those wishing to complete the therapist’s diploma course.

Do I need to complete all three levels before I can use Oisin Bio-Energy?
No, this is not necessary. Level one techniques are to help treat oneself, family members and friends for minor ailments.

What do I learn on the levels two and levels three?
This level is intended for those wishing to complete the Therapist’s Bio-Energy Diploma Training Course. Learning all the necessary protocols and advanced treatments for diseases such as Cancer, Gangrene, Alzheimer’s, Arthritis, Asthma, Osteoporosis, Fibromyalgia, Multiple Sclerosis, Neurodegenerative Disease, etc. The treatment of birth and Pre-birth related trauma or shock. Distant /Absent Healing. Working with animals. Psychokinesis, and basic peer counseling skills.

Can Oisin Bio-Energy be used on one self?
Yes, and a number of self-help / self-healing techniques are demonstrated during the courses.
How often does a client attend for Oisin Bio-Energy therapy?
It very much depends on the severity of the health concern. Up to five treatments are usually recommended 3 – 7 days apart. Some serious illnesses or disease may require considerably more treatments more often than this.

Do animals respond to Bio-Energy?
Yes all animals respond very well to Bio-Energy Therapy. They seem to know instinctively that the therapist is working on their energy system and there are many documented cases of successful healings with animals, especially horses and dogs.

Can Oisin Bio-Energy be used to prevent illness?
Yes, specific protocols are used to improve and boost the body’s immune system, thereby helping to prevent disease and illness.

Is Oisin Bio-Energy Therapy an alternative to medical treatment?
No, Oisin Bio-energy is not an alternative to medical treatment, but can and has been used successfully in conjunction with medical or orthodox treatment.

Can Oisin Bio-Energy can be used as a standalone therapy?
Yes, or it and can be used in conjunction with other body centered therapies.

Recent Testimonial

  • Barbara D. Bremen, Germany
    Your Bioenergy Healing course was just amazing. You shared so much more than I was expecting. I really learned a lot from your section on self healing and self empowerment and have been using these techniques every day with great success. Can’t thank you enough.

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